If we learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was that businesses sometimes need to pivot to reach their customers. If you haven’t found a way to move your business online, I can help.

There are so many ways to engage your customers online to turn them into loyal customers. Automation makes customers happy and makes your life easier! Let’s find the right solution for your business.

Create a seamless experience for your customers.

Webstore & eCommerce
If you sell a product or service, online ordering and payment is a must. From small online stores with just a few products, to large shops with thousands of products, I integrate order processing and payment into your website, creating a seamless experience for your customers.
Customer Loyalty Programs
Do you have a store with a punch-card loyalty system? Let’s replace the paper card with an online customer loyalty system that makes it easy to reward customers for shopping in your store or online. Customers track their sales on your website and see when they are close to getting their next reward. As with text messaging, it’s a great way to capture contact information for your customers and keep them coming back for more.
Learning Management Systems
If you are ready to make the leap from traditional classroom training to online learning, a Learning Management System will make your life easy. An LMS will allow you to administer, document, track and report on courses, training programs, skills training, and development programs. Do you need a system capable of delivering quizzes, tests, and/or completion certificates? An LMS will automate these tasks and more, and best of all – you can sell your online courses without ever leaving your home or office!

An LMS can be integrated into your existing WordPress website, or, let’s create a new website together and integrate LMS so you can do more selling, and less stand-up training! Traditional curriculum can be converted to online video content with sound, music, graphics, photos and video footage. Contact me for more information.

Class Registration & Payment
If you deliver in-person or remote webinars or workshops, you may need to capture additional registration information for your students. Let’s simplify your life by providing registration, payment, ticketing, and check-in all in one place!
Text Messaging Solutions

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, how do you get customers to walk in the door? How do they know if you are having a great sale on widgets? Do you put a notice on your website? Yes. But, what if you could text your customers to give them a “pre-sale” notification? With text messaging you can message your entire list, or target specific customers to notify them about new product you know they would be interested in. Studies show that text messages get read within seconds, and it’s a great way to capture contact information for customers, and to keep them engaged in your business.

Point of Sale Systems
Need a POS system for your brick & mortar that integrates with your online store? I can help you choose and implement the system that is right for you.
Other Platform Integrations & Automations

If you are using a legal pad for your to-do list, or manual processes to deliver confidential documents to your clients, we can automate your processes with cloud platform integrations specific to your industry. Attorneys, contractors, consultants, and many others can streamline their business processes and move more of their business online.